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Fashionela is a fashion portal dedicated to fashion and fashion industry whose creator is Vesna Filipovic. As a big fashion enthusiast, she came up with the idea to start the online version of the fashion magazine with the aim of informing about world fashion trends and promoting Serbian fashion designers. Fashionela was launched in November 2010 and it has been reporting about new collections, campaigns and editorials ever since. You can always find everything there is to know about the fashion industry – designers, photographers, models, stylists, etc. Major part of this fashion portal is dedicated to the new revolutionaries, fashion bloggers and blogs. We are proud of our collaboration with Mariano Di Vaio, who is the leader in the world of fashion blogs. Although we inform about haute couture and fashion weeks from London, Paris, Milan and New York, we never forget about the street style. On Fashionela you can find a lot of information about local fashion scene and you can also follow events from the Belgrade fashion week, where Fashionela is official media sponsor. Fashionela loves to support young and new designers, so please, don’t hesitate to contact us on our email: office@fashionela.net. Today, Fashionela has 25 co-workers from Serbia, New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan and Rome.

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I warmly recommend this portal to all fashion lovers who love to keep up with fashion trends. It also represents an excellent source for discovering new talents. – Ivana Pilja, fashion designer

I love the way in which this portal brings us news from the fashion world. And what I like even more is the big emphasis on local fashion scene and their representation to the world. I personally think we should do that even more because we have so much to offer, even something new that might be missing in the world fashion scene.- Dejan Despotović, fashion designer

I greatly recommend Fashionela because not only that it shows current trends and latest happenings in the industry, it also portrays fashion as a lifestyle. As a designer, I love to know what is happening in the movie industry, theater, and street style as I believe they greatly influence trends.- Tamara Jarić, fashion designer

Above all, it is a portal that informs you not only about the fashion events in the country and in the world, but also about cultural events, putting emphasis on our artists. I recommend it to all of those who want to be up to date with current world fashion trends and news.- Miša Obradović, fashion photographer

Fashionela is an exceptional project, its content is impeccably curated, offering information about the best from the international fashion scene and giving unconditional support to the Serbian contemporary designers. Fashionela is not only a pionner as a fashionable On Line magazine, is also the number one in Serbia and one of the most representative from Eastern Europe, I’m really thankful to Fashionela for being very supportive and it will always be a big pleasure for me to collaborate with this great project!- Ricardo Ramos, Colombian born Spanish international fashion designer


Vesna Filipović
Managing editors

Ana Desnica
Danijela Stanković
Jovana Golubić

Fashion news editors

Aleksandra Dudžević
Aleksandra Paljić
Aleksandar Savić
Danica Svorcan
Dunja Bajić
Jelena Šabić
Maša Vujčić
Milica Mijatović
Milena Gegović
Nastasija Živković
Nemanja Banjac
Nemanja Ivanišević
Nevena Trajkovski
Tanja Stojić
Tamara Vujović

Web design

Goran Gardašević
Vesna Filipović

Graphic design

Srđan Vuković
Graficon studio for design
E-mail contact: m.vukovic@sbb.rs


Marzio Martel, Martina Begović, Biljana Tipsarević, Duško Anđelić, Irena Jovanović, Ivana Teofilović and Tamara Pantelić Jeremić.

Beauty editor
Maja Radman
Street Style editor
Luca Pantini
Street Style editor
Mariano Di Vaio
Street Style editor
Donald Carmichael
Donald J
Marko Arsić
Web Producer
Marco Ciotti
Andrija Rančić

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